Unplanned but relaxed

This morning the air was fresh, fresher than usual and I decided to take a longer walk. On Sunday I jogged my usual round (first time since the bad back pain) and was not sure if my body is up for more. Better be careful, my back is better and more or less constantly improving, but ...
Because of the cooler temperature the Ponys were lively. Especially Point wanted to go in his own pace, which is too fast for me to walk. So he started to pull me and I knew even I get hurt or he is frustrated. So I jumped on his back. It's funny, he is my first Pony and it is so familiar to sit on him and feel his movements. Now all seem to be happy, Point walking in his pace, Pepe trotting ahead and Moritz followed.
Point was so relaxed that I was not able to make the usual picture behind the ears. His head hang deep while walking.

Do you want anything ... let me walk
 The mood was peaceful and I didn't met one person and I think I saw or heard two cars.

Carp pond, or at least that's the name
There was a fine fog above the water that made the atmosphere something mysterious.

Now, a few hours after the ride, I'm not sure if it was a really good idea for my back. It was definitely different, but I feel my back more than usual. Back in the paddock the Ponys seemed very satisfied. It always surprises me, that they enjoy to be riden. Same with Pepe he seemed extra satisfied after pulling the carriage. I sold it, because leaving the paddock means first going up- or downhill extra steep. Makes no sense in this area ... May be in Berlin?
We (my Ponys and I) are preparing for take off again. Just waiting for two extra special parcels and a repaired car and than we are again heading to Berlin. Because it is summer, meaning hot, and because it is holiday season, means more traffic jams than anyhow, I'm thinking about driving through the night. But I'm not a good long distance driver, what will it be than at night?
I think I will be spontaneous ... but it feels great which such plans ahead!


  1. I hope your back is back to normal soon... you know, I always feel a deep release in the muscles of my back & shoulders & neck after a ride; I wish you could get that stretch I feel when I ride.
    Traveling through the night with horses is wonderful - never worrying that they are too hot, less traffic, I think easier all around.

  2. Thank for encouraging me to travel by night. Any tricks to stay awake?
    And I decided to do so. They already give news ahead about the mega traffic jams that will come on the next weekend. School holiday are ending in some regions and in others (like mine) they are starting. I just wait for the arrival of the Fat E Bike in pink :-) I will talk about this ...


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