To and fro for the horse pension and a gloomy mood

My Ponys and I are in Berlin again. I tried to stay on the ground of the horse pension, because I thought that it would be better for my older geldings. But several reasons let me move again after one day.
The most important reason was myself. Since 10 years I'm always alone with my Ponys and I can't get enough of it. Most people don't understand, that I'm not bored and not afraid. So at this horse pension I really didn't meet a lot of people, but for me it was truly enough. Second reason: Pepe the Rocket pony. On one side of the Paddock he saw two mares and on the other side he had a big black Frisian stallion. And all people want to cuddle him, drives me crazy. Third they had hay all around the day and Point has overeaten himself. I didn't know that Ponys can do that (too). And they feel as bad as we (I) do.

Just unloaded
Summer is over, sometimes the temperature rises, but there are a lot of clouds and wind that makes it comfortable.

Dramatic sky and a Frisian mare
My friend runs the horse pension and has several Frisian, Spanish horses and three Tinker Ladys. She is a specialist for Frisian and most of the horses at the pension are 'horses' not Ponys, so suddenly my three in special Point and Moritz looked small and slim.
After some to and fro we are now back on a meadow outside the pension between all these building companies what gives them all a special atmosphere.

Small meadow with a lot of grass
And - most important for me - I have my routine back. They are on a very big part of a meadow which has more or less no grass and as usually I feed hay dosed. Because it is impossible for me to visit them twice a day it is not so well dosed, but they can nag on the grass. In the morning when I arrive they come to the small meadow with a lot of grass while I clean the other place, make water and hay. After that they got a fast brush and there minerals and of we go.

White Pony behind a white car
The countryside is very different from the Zollernalb. For this time it is a good thing because we don't have the thousands of tiny biting insects which live close to a forest. The two geldings looked like old too much loved teddy bears, because the scratched and scratched. Now they heal - it's a pleasure! But there is only one way 'out' between the cows, and it's a long way on concrete and than there is one small round or you have to go really further, for which I normally don't have the time. In the Zollernalb we choose first the point of the compass, than the trail or the length of the trail and in that you can combine, make shortcuts or detours. This morning I was a little bit in a gloom. The evening before Alexander and I made fun and he wanted to help me out of a cushion at the bottom. I was not thinking and reached for his hands with both my hands. A second later I screamed out of pain because of my shoulder. It was so bad that I cried honest tears of pain and shock that I'm still so hurt. So my mood was still a bit gloomy although I had no aftereffects, which I'm very happy for. BUT I was not in the mood for the boring trail. So when we crossed the country road I turned left instead of going straight. We walked beside the country road. Because of Sunday there was not much traffic and it is a typical Berlin alley with trees at the side and than there was a way for bikers and pedestrians. May be I imagine that or most certainly my guys mirrored my mood perfectly I felt a relief with everyone by choosing this way. Point head up walked ahead and drags Moritz with him. I connect Moritz to Point so there is one less who can hurt my shoulder, and it works really great. The two of them learned to manage through small passages, I'm very proud of them. We found two apple trees which we tested, passed the wastewater treatment plant - which was interesting - and ended at the highway ...

20 meters ahead is the highway
Pepe wanted to crawl through the undergrowth, but I thought that it is not a good idea for the car drivers when suddenly a nosy Pony head appears at the crash barrier.
So it was not the length of our trail, but the difference which cheered us up.

And there are sign for the end of the summer, a very loud one, sometimes it is a little bit scary.

Starlings are gathering in the trees.


  1. Oh how I love the pictures! ""Dramatic" is the perfect way to describe that sky - & I am a Fresian lover (but what little girl in her heart is not?) Also that big white butt is quite attractive! I am so sorry to hear that your shoulder is still so painful - I wonder if you have possibly torn that muscle in your chest that connects the shoulder? A number of years ago I was run over by a horse (normally so calm as to be lazy, but a careless moment with a peice of electric tape by a visitor & he had received a big electric shock & understandably wheeled around & ran in fright. I did not blame the horse, but I was pretty pissed at the visitor). I think maybe it is called a rotator cuff, where the shoulder joins the torso, and a muscle that runs from the shoulder to the sternum which were both damaged. Too minor for surgical repair, but big enough to have lasting effects for me -- I have never been able to pony a horse behind since then because when the horse on lead may drag a bit behind that position of the shoulder flexed out & to the back is very painful. What does your doctor say about this Sabine?? I hate to hear that it is still so bad, & I bet that Alexander felt so bad to have accidentally hurt you.

  2. No, I have to be honest I'm not a Fresian lover. I like the little ones :-)
    My shoulder? It's years ago that I seriously visited a doctor and there is no 'damage' in the sense of something is broken or so. My family doctor says it's aging in the meaning of abrasion. I have a very deep mistrust when it comes to doctors for my back and shoulder.
    This is a really bad accident the story you describe and I can imagine your anger. When my mum takes care of my Ponys I always try to make sure that she is always alert around the Ponys.
    Alexander was shocked. I try now to make fun of it and always give him the wrong arm, but yes he felt bad and I felt sorry.
    I think our body collect stories and some still hurt ...


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