Weekend and I couldn't sit still

Our nights and early mornings are refreshing and so I thought on Saturday morning a nice ride would be fine. Point was in a sort of rebellious mood so I choose him. Some discussions about when to stand and when to walk at the beginning where not really promising, but after a minute in the saddle and walking all seemed forgotten. Snorting all around me ...

The morning light is very bright
I'm still in the phase were I try things out if they work with my back or not. I (was) improving, but on Friday I danced like a dervish through just a small part of our garden. I was waiting for my Super Fat E Bike from Italy. It should arrive on Friday and I occupied the porch, so that I don't miss the delivery man. I should have sit still, but instead I cut trees and cleared weed. At noon I felt that I had overdone for my back ... Congratulations (the first!).

On the porch: Breakfast, Knitting, Reading and tools

Trailer filled up with branches and weed
The beauty in the back cries and shouts: I don't want to walk!
So Saturday on the horse back?! It felt good ...

A short rest because of the loved reed grass

Nice trail

And a view I passed many times, but was not aware of
... on Saturday evening after standing up from a chair my body is again in the form of a question mark. Slowly I can stand upright, but as a walking question mark the evening went on. I made myself a hot-water-bottle and hoped for the best. Congratulation (the second!).
The night was not too bad, but in some nights my lower back feels like a tense muscle pack. And now and then it seems that it produces itself some Elektroschocks. Very short three or four times in a row. It hurts but not bad. Feels very strange.
Saturday evening I also made a very short tour with Pepe and the new bike. Just the same as me Pepe lost some - how to say - fitness, and I want to start the evening bike tour for quality time and fitness.

Are you a boy or girl? You look very boyish, but the color?
I had planned a jogging round on Sunday morning, but after this night I thought walking is the better option. Therefor I decided to try a new pair of shoes.

Hoka One One as hiking boots
The shoes are so great! I know these brand from my running shoes: Hoka One One and found out that they now offer hiking boots. If you are in need of a comfortable and light hiking shoe, I can highly recommend this one.

Great view

Should we go or turn around?
At this point I asked myself if I should go on knowing that this will be a longer hike or should I turn around and go back. And there was this small voice 'Think about your back and don't overdo the third day in row', and than there are my feet which just walk on.

Bathing in the early morning sun
It was a really beautiful hike. After two hours we met the first humans and Point jumped. Several minutes later I jumped because of church bells. It was strange, it seems that the sounds of the bells came right out of the ground around me. It was spooky.

Old part of the station
We passed through a station. Most buildings are really old like this one. Sometimes I dream to renovate a building like this and live in it. But maybe the dream is much nicer than reality.

The old sign ...

... and the new sign of the station
All in all we walked 15 km. Yes I'm again or still a question mark when I rise from the chair, but the memory and the time with my Friendly hairy creatures was great. Even I have to confess that Pepe and I are not in balance. I don't know why may be it's the mirror he gives me about the fitness. 

One and only of her kind 


  1. Some very fun adventures (and work) in there, but I sure hope you find out why you are so hurting, that is no fun. But your new hiking shoes are fun, and your bike too!

    1. You are right I should find out why it hurts. That needs a journey to a not so popular part of my mind. And after finding out (I have a clue) I have to stick to the avoiding plan: that's boring ... And you know boring is no fun!

  2. Your house & garden are so cute Sabine!
    Healing thoughts sent your way.

  3. I love the cultural perspective. Europe is like a toy train landscape from your perspective and Canada is from my perspective the land of the giants. The opportunity of the change of view is appealing.


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