Cycling to the river

Inspired by 'Trails (and Trials)' I was looking forward for hot weather, to go to the river with my ponies. And since yesterday hot weather arrived with a Boom! Yesterday and today the temperature is up over 80 F. Moritz is doing quit good, but I didn't want to stretch our luck with a long walk and I had a special place at the river in mind. There is a place I was used to go in the river more or less direct in front of my house, in fact when I look up I can see the point. But last time I wanted to go in the river with the ponies the last high water changed the entry point so much, that I skipped the idea. Nevertheless I wanted to take my bike and Pepe. Pepe is a little overloaded these times and extra time and a good run beside my bike would be good for him. In preparation I got caught in some unpleasant thoughts. Normally I never met someone in the forest but there is one guy in this village with two dogs. I once met him very early in the morning around the place were I was thinking to go in the river, and one of his dogs were kind of chasing us. I was riding Point and the other two on the hand. Luckily no one was free. We galloped away, but he was chasing us a long way and the owner was yelling after his dog, he himself is barely able to move. Later I heard from another woman that she had the same thing close to the place, but she fell off the horse, and the horse ran the big street home. Luckily no one was hurt. And the woman who takes care of my horses when I'm abroad told me, that she was trapped with her two dogs in the river, exact at the place I wanted to go in.
But I wanted to go, because it is a beautiful place. Round about 3 miles with the bike and than we were in a kind of wonderland.

The water is not very deep, sometimes a little more and it also had places were Pepe has to swim, but at this time the water level is low and I decided to walk upstream in the river.

Pepe took his bites left and right, now and than he did some splashing and so we went on and on until the clock said, better to go back.

The river looks so harmless, but a few weeks ago I wrote about our 'so harmless' river an showed the other side of this beautiful face. You can imagine it by looking at these roots. They are heavily eroded and you can imagine what a force is working there.

At the end I saw a lot of these holes in the sand, and was thinking if someone is living here?

During our way I didn't see any living creature in the river, and I'm happy about that. Turning around and walking back was trickier than I thought. Because of the shadows I was not able to see the ground anymore and it was very difficult to walk and very slippery.
It was a really great adventure. Pepe is a nice companion and he was very refreshed and galloped most of the way back. It looks so easy on him ...


  1. Glad you were inspired, that looks like so much fun! I love walking along in the water, even better with an adorable companion.

  2. Adorable companion, I take that in mind ... Thank you!


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