Here comes the Sunday

Moritz is better, much better!
On Sunday morning I put him the 'Green guard' on and brought them all to a piece of meadow which is not so steeply. I let him walk freely and he was so happy to come out of the paddock and on to the meadow that he tried to trot a few steps. When entering the meadow he shakes his whole body, it' a kind of winding from head to butt he does when he is happy, also he squeaks thereby! I think they all overdo a little because they just spent one night in the paddock instead of in the meadow.

Here he comes because I'm his problem solver and he asks for putting down the green guard ...
But it needed not minutes and he was again used to it, and pretty good in eating through it.

Point therefor was total awful in the morning. Bad mood and tricky behaviour, so I was not sure how to handle him. I was thinking of riding him alone in the afternoon, but that would upset Moritz totally and if Point would be really happy with it? In the evening I decided to walk the smallest round I have. You can go it this way or the other and I decided it, so that we have more two strong uphills and one longer soft downhill. Maybe easier for his hooves. I also let him walk free with us, so he could decide about the tempo. I was astonished because for his terms he walked 'fast' and seemed pleased.

Our ways are never friendly for hooves. Lots of small stones but you can see, close to normal walking. He has problems when he starts walking, but when he walks it seems OK.
Points behaviour was back to normal, but Pepe was kind of misbehaving. Moritz was sort of heavy breathing, I think because of the green guard, and Pepe took it as an offense and was always on his nose, also heavy breathing and trying to start a fight.
This morning again one hour on the meadow and than again our round trip. He even tried a trot for 20 meters, and there you could see he is limping. But limping with his legs so to say, not sensitive with his hooves. I'm not really seeing through this laminitis at all. But that's the facts I'm collecting knowledge and try to make sense. It also started with heavy limping and than came the phase with sensitive hooves.
Right now I didn't came to a decision how to go on. If he is totally OK again, that means we can jog in the morning our regular tour, I would like to try the green guard over night.

Also there is a new scent sensation in my life: the Robinia.

And I just learned, that this tree is invasive and poisonous: Great! But you can make good post out of the wood. It's a valuable wood which is not weathering.

Last point: My car got a pyjama!

I love my car. It's my buddy and like the ponies, just part of the family. But he is expensive in every way. Last week a colleague said, they are eating repair parts, that's a true point. Also there are some issues with rust, and therefor he now got this expensive pyjama. I couldn't choose a color! Our other cars already have one, and Alexander was asking if I would be able to put him his pyjama on. I'm usually better than him in dressing his cars in the pyjama, I think that depend on that I kind of used to dress the ponies in blankets (what I do very seldom) or that I handle the cars as if they were ponies.
So Alexander brought a ladder what I thought was very unfair, and I dressed my car. A little bit dancing around him, and schwups ... save and sound!


  1. Car pyjamas, too cute Sabine.
    Also Moritz' "Green Guard" - always they seem to think that they can play on our feelings to get their own way when we do only what we think is best for them!

  2. Yes they are really experts in that, and everyone has his one cute way ...


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