Sound: Tap tap tap

I'm on holiday in Italy. We started the tour of 950 miles on Saturday morning and arrived on Sunday evening. We made a rest in between, a place with a very beautiful view.

We like traveling with the car. We drive both, but Alexander normally takes the main part. We listen to music, talk, keep silence, sleep, I knit. This year the car gave up the air-conditioning pretty fast and it was hot, very hot. Normally I don't have problems with this, but this year I was really bad in handling the heat, and I didn't noticed until it was a little too late. At the first travel day I started to get silent around afternoon. And I mean really silence. After felt hours of silence Alexander noticed and I tried to speak up almost at the same time. I have to admit that I had a little horror for the second day, but I thought I can prepare, because I forgot to eat at the first day, but I couldn't. Around midday it was 95 F and we would arrive at our destination at 5 pm. Five hours to go, how can I survive? But I did. And my view now is:

Few steps to the ocean, and every morning first thing we do (after I caught a coffee for the two of us) we go for an early morning swim. It is the nicest part of the day. We are more or less alone, and the ocean water is soft and clean. I mean it is clean all day, but the morning water is special.

That's were we climb or jump into the ocean. So recreation is guaranteed and today we also could witness a small kind of thunder storm. Theatrical views ...

... warm wind, thunder and lighting, but all far away out in the ocean.

When I packed my stuff I decided to go on a small luggage, because last year I had brought too much. And what a bad idea is this for a person who has a whole room at home for her clothes and her shoes. Who always has to choose between colors depending on the mood or the role I want to play. First mistake! Second, even bigger mistake I didn't brought running shoes. No I did not forget, no excuses, I did it on purpose, because last year I run just once, and I run only with my ponies. When I run alone I instantly get an crisis of meaning, but I underestimated my dependence of running. That's new for me, or at least I didn't confess to myself until now.
Around 6 o'clock I get up and sit on the small balcony, knitting and reading. The time I usually run with my ponies. I sit there and hear the footsteps of the runners and walkers which passes under the balcony. Tap, tap, tap: the sound running shoes are making. And I felt a longing and also during the days I feel how much I or my body misses this kind of movement. I don't run without my ponies because I think it's stupid, but I start to feel pretty bad and found relaxation kind of exhausting. So while walking to the ocean this morning I made my confession toward Alexander, that I miss my running shoes and that I feel kind of stupid. He was like: 'Didn't I told you to pack your shoes ... OK, after breakfast we go and by some pair.' I felt even more stupid, and 'Next year, you pack an extra suitcase with clothes. We leave them in the car and you can go to it every day and dig through your clothes and fetch the wanted stuff.' Sometimes I ask myself what a good person I have to be that I deserve a man like him - oh, is that the wrong view :-)

Yes, my knitting socks fit with the color. Lucky me, even without extra suitcase!
So I'm really snoopy about what will happen tomorrow morning around six o'clock. Last year when I was running I found some ponies. Definitely no accident, or?


  1. What a lovely spot to vacation - the ocean looks so clear there. Happy running Sabine, & hug Alexander very hard. I always think what a blessing Mr Shoes is to me, but when it strikes me particularly so, I tell him right away how I admire him, adore him, could not do without him. :-)

  2. Yes Mrs Shoes same with me. Almost every day there is a spot in my life where I just look at him and I can feel my heart pounding and than there is this big smile that appears on my face, just by looking at him. I think we are two very lucky girls :-)


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