Perfect Saturday morning

In our neighboring village is a butcher. And this butcher has the best bread and rolls I found in this region. I'm not a total veggie but mostly and it is kind of funny that I always visit the butcher for the bread. The ladies behind the counter already know me, and they also know me because of my knitting and because of my ponies. I'm more or less well known in this era, not much horses and only one running around with ponies. Also the butcher is a special guy, because he has a lot of animals. Just for taking care, not for eating. Fits anyway.
This morning I decided to 'ride' just with a saddle pad in the neighboring village. Point had two really bad days (Monday and Tuesday) and I'm quite sure that it was a borreliosis boost, but he seemed fit again and I wanted to give all a change. 
I was riding Point on the way to the butcher and we saw strange things.

It was kind of difficult to make this picture, because all three are totally not jumpy. There are very less things that makes them jump. All in all I'm the jumpiest of all, what Alexander amused a lot.

Opposite from the butcher is an empty house where I tie them to a tree. It looked like they are tangled up, but there were just looking for grass. On my way back I rode Moritz and I was shocked how thin he had become. Just with the pad it hurt to sit on him, very uncomfortable. He always had a spiky withers, but know I could feel the whole bone of his back. He shouldn't get any thinner, but honestly he is eating normally and I have no idea how to put on weight on him. Also it's how life is working, since I know him I had weight problems with him because he was too 'fat'. He is a Haflinger, and they gain weight out of thin air.
Slowly wandering back we passed our house and I made a pause in our garden and wanted to deliver the rolls. Right at this moment Alexander opened the door, what a coincidence, and I asked if he would share a roll with marmalade. 

I don't have many opportunities but what I love is to integrate my ponies into my life. Sure it would be much faster with the car or the bike for fetching the bread, but this is more fun. It's the same with my running, without the ponies I would never had become a runner. 
After delivering the ponies to their paddock and coming home it started raining with a soft thunderstorm. Perfect timing!


  1. You must be a famous sight & the only one going to town on horseback! When I lived in the city of Vancouver, I knew a girl who used to ride her horse from the racetrack to the McDonalds & Tim Horton's drive-thru.


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