My good deed for today

When I woke up at 5.30 it was raining. So much for running I thought, and sat myself in front of the balcony knitting and reading. At 6.15 I saw a little bit of blue sky and at 6.35 I was out on the street.
Close to the parking ground where our car is standing I saw a kind of a trail yesterday I wanted to try. And when I arrived at the parking area I found our beauty tangled in his auto pyjama.

Please help me ...

 I sprinted to the car and covered him again. Sounds kind of strange, but I liked the opportunity of taking care for him. I also thought that there may be was a deeper meaning in buying these running shoes yesterday.
So the trail I was looking for turned out to be a trail according to my taste.

There was a path along this small water, bridge ahead looked familiar like in the woods at home. The air smelled herbaceous and aromatic. It was warm already and high humidity. I started running and ended in a dead end. I'm used to that, it happens all the time at home when I'm looking for new trails. At home my dead ends usually are wood depots, but here the sight was really new and I felt strange but amused.

On one side cactus ...

On the other side fig trees ...

I'm not used to run alone and even though my ponies are not really protective it felt a little bit strange to be alone outside the city in a strange land where I don't know the unwritten rules of behaviour for women or running women? On the other side, do I really know these rules for Germany or the Zollernalb? And if, would I care?
But I went on and followed the small stream.

I don't feel unsafe, just thinking and being prepared. And finding more and more cactus. Alongside where kind of private properties where vegetables where cultivated and once I saw a patch with cactus. Funny from my point of view. Maybe it's about the cactus fruit? Here I found some cactus flower. Beautiful and strange.

Meanwhile I was out for a while. I passed several opportunities to bend off, but decided to stay beside the small stream. I was looking for a good reason to reverse, because otherwise I could go on and on, always thinking, after the next curve or until this big bush on the right side ... And here it was: the good reason:

More than inviting this beaten track and I did run a few meters, but I was wearing short leggings and of course one of my favorite mini skirts, and I thought: You would never run a path like this at home with naked legs because of the plants and the insects. Last look and turning around, running back.

Before going back to the hotel, I sat at the ocean and thought about this time in the morning I enjoy so much. For me it's hanging around with myself, I never get bored and the ponies with their reflecting character just make this more intense.

Back at the hotel I cuddled into bed to Alexander and telling him in a whisper that I have seen terrible things outside. Not much alarmed, he is used to several adventures I bring home before 8.00 clock, he murmured 'You rescued a puppy, and it's sitting right in front of our hotel room'. Giggling I thought what opportunities I will have in future - besides I always think sometime I come to the horses and someone just parked his or her little pony there for me to rescue. I told him that I made pictures and showed him the first in this post, and yes this is indeed a terrible thing and than I showed him my good deed for today ...

Safe and sound again!


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