If you have to much energy ...

... there is the chance that it throws you out off course.

Still a little fuzzy
Currently this is our weather. Cold in the morning with a dove blue sky. Ponies and I are happy. When I bring them to the meadow in the morning Point disappears galloping into the darkness. I just listen to the hoofbeats. Followed by heavier and slower ones from Moritz. Pepe is noiceless, also he waits until the others are gone for an extra snack.
This morning all is usual. We jog our round. Moritz slightly in front on me on the Flexiline. Pepe ahead free running and Point behind me also free. While Pepe trots steadiliy in front of us, Point falls back to snack and then comes closing the line in gallop.
On one position the horses are running on the green side way and I run on concrete. It goes downhill and we have to make a turn to the left into the forest again on a soft forest trail which goes uphill. It's a nice position where all of us run with a special momentum. Point came galloping and when he comes from the sideway to the concrete he just slided out of the curve. He went down and his whole body slided over the concrete at least 2 or 3 meters. I imagined a white trace on the concrete, but I'm pretty sure I imagined it. Point rising up and he appeared to me a little confused. I called him and he came. It looked all normal, no excoriations, just a little fuzzy. So we run on and he behaved normal.
If you go out you will end up in adventures ... even or especially as an elder Pony.

Source of energy which eventually
throws you out off course


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