Mightily impressed by our future neighbours

Moses a Highlander Bull
In 2012 I read an article in our local newspaper about a woman and her Highlander project. Just two villages away. I was impressed by the 'beauty of the beasts' and also thought about sharing my meadows because it was to much for my three ponies.
Accidentally I met her while hiking with my ponies on a Sunday. I saw the Highlander and saw near by a truck. So I took my heart in my hand and walked to the truck and spoke to her. It's true that's how we met. She was interested to share the meadow, but my landlord had doubts because she had bad experiences with cows in earlier time.
When I spoke to my landlord this year about the limits with a laminitis pony she said, 'Didn't you know the Highlanders?'
So I looked for our last SM'S contact and tried. And yes, still Highlander, even more ...
Today Alexander and I visited her and I'm deeply impressed about her work and these very beautiful and different creatures.

A female beauty. Look at these eyelashes!!!

We visited also a group of girls, and the greeting ... You have to look for yourself!

My heart always opens when my ponies are running to me and greeting. The feeling when you are in front of a small girlie cattle herd galloping to you is very special. I was torn between curiosity and respect.

Who is at my back? Lissie a special one.
So the plan is that they come in spring next year. Some girls, and that they stay until around November. From then on I will see every day Highlanders. I wonder how this will change me. I also wonder what my three unblinking hero's have to say. Also they moo for greeting or you can say that they are in some way talkative. Imagine the first greeting around six o'clock is a moo!


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