Sunday afternoon relaxation

Alexander says 'Total relaxation!'

Barely visible
Sunday afternoon and we went out for a short hike. I had one path in mind which Alexander barely knows. We went the first part one or two times. The second part he never went.
So I sent him ahead with the words: 'Go ahead find the way, give your neurons a chance of a thunderstorm'. The meaning of these words is, that playing and finding new paths etc. helps the brain maintain to stay fluid. Meaning: Stay young! Alexander read 'Growing young' and we talked a lot about it. Especially my wandering around and these absolute addicting feeling when you are lost and the moment when your brain or sight snap into recognition.

It is steepish and Pepe took shortcuts in the corners
This weekend was full of new things. You can't plan such a weekend, just enjoy ...

Cool and resting in themselves


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