Smart Gingerbread

Gingerbread as a Friday present
It's Friday and I'm feeling good. Yesterday I had a short flue attack and felt awful. Headaches beyond everything but when I woke up this morning I felt better and that made me very happy. After short health attacks like this I always react the same the next day. Like a shaken bottle of champagne I have the urgent feeling that I have to show me and everybody around that I'm alive. Sometimes that's the reason that the day after I'm lame again. So old and wise as I try to get I started the day slowly, for example no running in the woods with the ponies at the first freeze (yes it was last night the first soft one). But also taking it slow for the working day. No that's not true, I wanted it to take slow, but my mood was too good.
But I thought about preparing the right food, because this is where I get sensitive. So I prepared the carrot/apple juice, my favored tea and wanted to skip the breaktime snack, because there was not enough time for preparing. Just the cookie from Lebkuchen Schmidt. It's my life saver and more or less the only style of chocolate I enjoy. It's also big enough that you can come over a day with 'one in the luggage'. But then came Alexander and he prepared me a snack :-)
So, to make a long story short. My first meeting at this day was with one of my favorite workmates and the last meeting at this day was with another very favorite workmate. Alone for this reasons I looked very happy forward to this Friday, ah yes, and it's also Friday ...

My last meeting: We meet in the lobby and she stands in front of me, dressed in great colours (black ...) and I instantly made a comment, because I was in black and blue, 'You should add colour'. Confident answer 'I have colour. Gold.' And pointed at her belt. Okay the limits where tested! So she stands in front of me and has a big box in her arms. Grinning.

'This is for you.' I took it and opened it. Gingerbread. 'You bought this for me?' 'Yes!' I looked down at me. 'Something wrong with my physique?' We start to giggle. 'You know that gingerbread is my absolutely favorite, and that I just finished one?' 'Yes, I know you mentioned it in your blog.' I looked at her in wonder, because this is some time ago ...
At home I searched my blog for gingerbread and couldn't find it ... Made me kind of crazy, but here it is. It was my second post on 25th of January 2015.
And so to you my dearest and cleverest workmate. I hope I can give you some of the fun and cheerfulness you gave me today back ...


And I'm pretty sure I will talk about these cookies again.

I'm sure I kind of threatened her by saying: 'You know I will write about this', but I didn't asked for the permission of name and picture. So here is a link from the Ars Electronica Festival which we both visited. For totally different reasons. I promise you she is among these people, just look for the 'smart'est girl.
What I experienced at the Ars Electronica Festival you can find here. This time there is also a German version.
And now I did what I had not planned ... Introducing my blog 'Sandadel' ... Just coming up, give me a week to fix it and complete my fights with wordpress :-)


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