Sometimes I'm a powerful dreamer

I dream, not often but when something bothers me I tell myself colourful and powerful stories in my dreams.
Last week I had one and also last night. It still rests heavy on my shoulders or more in my head.
To drop some of this weight I choose our beloved 'Gentleman path'. It was foggy that suits the situation.

Trying to hide in the fog and the colours of autumn
Also my friendly hairy creatures seemed to shuffle with hanging heads beside me and mirrowing my feelings.

All in all I'm not really satisfied with my office situation. This goes on quite a while and I do feel exhausted about not being able to decide or others take a very long time to make decission so that I'm again in the situation to maybe decide. On and on ...
Last week I dreamed: I was lying in a coffin and my hands were tied together on my back. I knew that I had to be smart so that sometimes the cover will be lifted for air. Then I was tired about the situation and thought about letting it go. Lying completly still, not fighting, just dying. Because I wanted to look beautifull when I will be found, so that my bereaved don't be too miserable about the way I died. I got a sort of panick attack and sit up very fast with a running hearth. Sounds lousy, but I kind of liked it. Told me, that I don't want to give in in the situation. All in all it was a positive feeling which remained.
Last night I was in a kitchen and I should cut herbs. It was my task from the department. Nobody else was there, sometimes I saw my boss. But the knife was blunt. I speeded around in the kitchen and collected all knives and tried to find out which one is the sharpest among the knives. Then I saw myself trying to cut, but it was more of a squeezing. Kindly the sound of an incoming SMS woke me up. Maybe that's the reason while I feel so heavy, I couldn't 'solve' the situation. Nevertheless I came to a conclusion. This time it's not about my situation it's about how I behave. Cutting herbs with a blunt knife is not possibble, so stop that.

Yes I know I leave a lot open, also for me. I'm in the process of understanding and finding out, and so far I tell myself 'Slow down'.


  1. You tease very well Sabine, makes me SO curious for more details. I like your interpretation of the dream though, it is very positive!


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