The whispering melody of autumn

This night we had the first frost and on some places hoarfrost.

A washy light blue: winter sky
For working late yesterday and getting up early this morning because Alexander had to catch a very early flight I felt quite unbalanced. And so I took the change this morning with the first frost to walk a few steps more instead of jogging.

Walk Walk Walk our rhythm of being together
The air was cold and smelled fresh and after a light foggy grey. On one side the sky was washy blue and on the other side it was a dark grey as if rain and bad weather is coming. I think the dark one was the morning side, sun didn't reached there yet.

Our long-drawn-out shadow
Yesterday morning when I cleaned the paddock in the dark there was a kind of constant whisper. Then a sniffling sound again and again. It was not scared but didn't felt comfortable. It is really pitch black short after 6 o'clock. I thought maybe hedgehogs, sometimes they make this sniffling sound, but when I try to locate it, it came from above me. After cleaning and running the feeling of disturbance stayed with me. This morning I heard it again and while walking I found out, because in some places in the forest it was much louder than in other places. It's the whispering sound the dry leaves make while falling. It's a rustling sound. You think I have good ears? No I don't think so. But I think when you are as often outdoor as I'm and also to unusual times you get a nerve for changes, even the slightest ones.

Most popular season for us ... 


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