Busy on Easter: Soaked ponies, cleaning the house, knitting and of course running

It all started with really friendly hairy creatures. I brushed them all and because they all lose their winter fur I created three small mountains of hairs.


That was on Friday. I did this in the morning and was kind of exhausted afterwards. So I went on a longer walk in the afternoon. Needless to say that they were dirty again ... As always I was kind of checking Moritz. Is he limping, does he look tired or whatever. At the beginning he was on the rope, and has the face like: I'm bored, I'm old or whatever. At the second part of our trip he could run loose and here comes my really old horse Moritz ...

Saturday morning - it rained the whole night and it was really cold I arrived at the paddock and Point was shivering. I'm not really a friend of horse blankets but all three has coolers and Point has a 'raincoat'. For Moritz and Pepe I'm making their own rain protection out of a car cover. It's a special material and I will talk some other time about it. After horse breakfast I thought we run a short route but Point was kind of avoiding my eye. You know while I clean the paddock he is like a compass needle: He always looks at me and turns himself that he can easily have me in sight. Now he was doing the opposite and I took it as a hint. Just caught the little one and went for a run. No complaining from the bigger ones, that means right decision. They stayed in the paddock the whole day and in the evening while cleaning the paddock - it was still raining and I congratulate myself on the desicion - I let them on the meadow. Yeah, that was a run as if the paddock is not a big area, but a small horsebox. After that I discovered that wet Point got the raincoat and stayed all wet under the raincoat. Stupid raincoat ... more about the clever car cover I changed into horse raincoats later.
Sunday: Impatient ponies, eager to get on the meadow ... I just throw them out. And then Alexander and I had a hard 'Starting to clean the house day'. Our house is big, and we live there for over 8 years, so lots of stuff is everywhere. We both started on small spots and we are willing to go through the whole house, but it is a kind of emotional stress at least I underestimated. Also I put the two horse carriages incl. the harnesses and one saddle on eBay .... Yeah! Lots of questions for the little carriage. 
Monday: I froze myself while painting a window shutter in the main store. After that I sat in my knitting room and finished a sweater I started a while ago. I wonder if I will wear him, there is something about him (yes it's a him ...?) I don't know. But I think it is great!

Secret enjoyment I call what you can see above. I always try with all my knitting stuff something what you really have to search, and which is difficult to find because you don't know what are you looking for. In this case on the back and the front, and at the right and at he left sleeve always one horse has a blue eye. Yes I'm kind of crazy but I can really laugh my head of over something like that. 
I try to have a secret enjoyment every day with my clothes, so that makes me kind of swinging through the day on my own laughter.
You know I alternate. One pair of socks for me, and then one pair of socks for Alexander. That means now Alexander got a bigger cloth. I decided for a vest. He already has one in red (Super red). The style is perfect, and I will try to copy it with again Islandic wool:

I'm looking forward to start what I will do right now ...


  1. Awesome sweater! And that new yarn looks amazing.

  2. Thank you :-) ...The new yarn is absolutely amazing while knitting. In my newest post you can see I'm kind of bound to my couch. My more than little helpers are the knitting and 'kindle unlimited'!!! Even my ponies handle me with care - so that must be bad.

  3. I love that pony sweater, it's lovely! And I think the blue eye is charming; we must have a similar sense of humour!! :-)

  4. Dear Mrs Shoes, thank you for your comment. I love your name and that you have a 'Boot' as a son and a 'Slipper' as daughter. Yes that's my sense of humor and you gave me a big laugh for the start in this beautifull weekend!


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