Energetic greetings to the weekend

The second part of the week was kind of tough. I felt a little stiff, I had one big talk and also some nice and interesting but emotional conversations with colleagues, but I could feel they had their consequences ... Afterwards I'm not easy with that.
It was again a beautiful day, rain is announced for the weekend, also a drop of temperature. I changed the Pony routine during the week. They are now during daytime in the paddock and through the night at the meadow. It is for fructan reason - means the laminitis from Moritz. I hope I can have them on the meadow as long as possible. Because there they have their space, routine and trekking.
So I felt a longing for a peaceful ride on Moritz. And we started ...

... ears all up to the front. And my favorite hairy view!

Springtime is great. The lush green and I could feel how my eyes relaxed and my legs were dangling on Moritz side.

Because of the light there are lots of shadows and here you can see an iPhone shadow :-)

We did also a little bit of speeding and Pepe is really and always a little poisonous man!

It was a very nice welcome for the weekend. And I'm really happy with Moritz. Right now there is no sign of laminitis or age or what else I have in mind for him. He was walking forward powerful and it was a pleasure to ride him!

Friendly hairy creatures, aren't they?


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