Quality time with Pepe

It was a beautiful Sunday morning and I made a decision:

Sundays and feast days will be the days I will spend alone with Pepe

Why? One: Since a while I have the feeling, that Moritz isn't that fit anymore. Two: To walk or run with all three is physically too demanding for me. Three: Pepe has a lot of energy and fights pretty much with the other two, and I have the feeling he needs a little bit more attention.
So after cleaning and brushing the three I had in mind just to go for a run with Pepe. But I always have a bad conscience about Point and Moritz. When I went to the meadow that at first is the same direction I wanted to choose for my run, I thought 'Oh no, take all of them', but promptly they began to wrench on me and I could feel in my whole body that it is too much for me.
So we two started alone...

He chooses the way, and so I told him 'If you want to choose the way, you have to go in front' and that's what he did the rest of our way. It was very easy and peaceful.

And with the sun and the blue sky there were a lot of beautiful light reflexes.

As shadows we look like this :-)

At the end we found lots of lion's-tooth. Because it's healthy and good during changing the coat I let him snack.

Drinking the really cold water at the well at the end of our run.
When we come in sight of Moritz and Point we were greeted. I think Moritz was kind of waiting. Normally they trek over the meadow as a group but he was still at the top of the meadow in the direction where we left.

I feel very balanced and pleased. When I came home and greeted Alexander he said 'You are happy, I can smell that'. Wow what a great confirmation about a decision I know I had to make long ago. I will take that in mind, so that I can stick to it more easily.


  1. What a lush mane & tail has Pepe!
    What you call 'lions-tooth' we call dandelions in Canada. April 19 & it is the very first drop of rain just now - soon the lions- teeth will be popping up everywhere, & it's about time as the horses are TIRED of dead brown pastures.


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