Dreams, which luckily didn't come true

I think I overdone yesterday a little with doing too much different stuff, so that in the afternoon when I arrived at the paddock I already was a little bit uncool. Point trumped me by playing crazy horse, because I changed the place where I tie them 5 meters to the left.
Nevertheless we started and I tried to cool down Point with several jogs and gallops. It worked.

We passed the Jewish forest cemetry a peaceful and magic place. I like to be there. The atmosphere is a kind of good sadness, which calms me and the ponies down.

It all changed at this place, because now I felt really uncomfortable. I don't know why, but I started to see faces in stones and roots. And a crow was screaming really loud. I felt like entering a green hell, but I was alone with my feelings. The ponies where cool and relaxed.
We had to go down steeply downhill and I descend. It was warm with a light rain and Point was wet. He is also easy with sweating and he misused Pepe as a towel...

Lots of disgusted screams from Pepe :-)
At the end of our trail I heard men shouting in the woods and engine noise. I didn't like it, but we were close to escape the forest and I felt a slight discomfort but nothing more. But not so Point ...

Yet, again sitting on a cannonball! So we ended how we started and I felt tired. Back to the place where I wanted to tie him for unsaddling, and again crazy horse. I was not prepared and the reins yanked through my cold hand (because I forgot the gloves). Autsch, that hurts really.
So I brought them to the meadow with my kind of my last strenght. That's how it felt and we made our peace but I was in a nagging mood.
In the night I dreamed about Point at my side and I was looking at Moritz in a distance. He was slowly tearing a fence down. His legs were trapped by the fence but he was moving forward. I awake and I remembered that I forgot to activate the fence. I was charging the battery and because of my bad mood I forgot to replace the battery and activate it. Wow! It was two in the morning and I tried to calm myself down. Nothing would happen because there is the outer fence and there is enough green grass to keep them busy. Still I also had to smile because how the subconscious is finding its ways.
This morning when I arrived at the pony's all I saw was peaceful grazing inside the inner fence. 
Saved by the bell!


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