Sockstyle, Looks and a rush of energy

The yellow sock is mine and I call the style 'sack sock'. It's all about being a little too large in the upper part, so that it slip down and always look crumbled. The brown sock is Alexander's one, and he also has a lot of 'sack socks' but asked for the more civilized version. I don't know how to call it, but I was totally happy when he asked for it.

About my pain: I'm getting better and better, even by reducing the painkiller. But I'm so good! Just sitting on the couch more or less. The only thing I allow myself is to clean the paddock in the morning and bringing the ponies to the meadow and picking them up in the evening.
But there is some complaining and the 'big' ones are taking advantage about my fail to be quick 'in' the line.
Also there are short before going alone into the woods in the evening when they come from the meadow. I always let them run freely and it is this nice feeling being in a herd and after work it is this point where I'm absolutley home.
This morning I was thinking about walking the very short route, but I knew I would pay it off over the day. So I was good and brave and just put them on the meadow and think I will try it in the evening or tomorrow morning. But I get this look from him now the second time when I left them: And a kind of a sigh...

You remember the orange guy from last time, and that I gave him the role of the pain monster. When Alexander was reading the post he started laughing and said, but that's you. Remember I give it to you as a present, because when I saw him he reminded me of you. Gnashing of teeth and grinning on my side, 'But it's a good picture for the pain, isn't it?'.

But yes it's true! That's the very true representation of my main (Alexander says 'true') character, including the shoes as an external identification. And while being bound to my couch and not able to release my energy as usual by running around, I can get to this stage in a blink of an eye. It happened yesterday evening when we came back from grocery shopping and bringing the ponies back into their paddock. I was on the passenger side in my own great car, that's the first bad starting point, felt just wrong. And then from my point of view a large truck was cutting the curve so that we had to stop, otherwise he would just cut off the nose of my car. Blink of an eye and I hammered my hands on the dashboard and was shouting. A few seconds later I was already ashamed of myself, but was not able to admit. Alexander stayed calm, what else should he do. Instantly I felt that I knew something like this will happen when I'm not able to move, but also could barely handle the rush of energy.
This morning while drinking coffee in the sun we talked about it, no not really just remembering and we created the headline: Famous perfume lady from Mercedes unable to smell, because she was hit by an airbag (after hammering the dashboard with her bare hands) ... Yes, good laugh!
But you know my car doesn't have an airbag at the passenger side, so I just had luck.
Right now Alexander is repairing my bike so that I can cycle uphill ... without words! He's the best!


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