A most peculiar dream

I'm on a business trip in Berlin. Monday and Friday is traveling time but three days in Berlin! While arriving I was worried that either I will not leave or I will feel strange in 'my own' city. But it is just great. It is about advanced training in my smelling skills. So Monday was all about sniffing and talking about what I sniff on and on. It is totally great what your mind is doing, the pictures it creates to figure out what I smell and how to describe and put into words.
Interruption from Alexander: You have to say a few more sentences to that! Ok: In my business life I developed the scenting device for the Mercedes S-Class and now C-Class. Together with the perfumer Marc vom Ende from Symrise we create fragrances and I spent the last two days with him sniffing and talking.
Hmm, I thought I should/could separate the private and the business life, but I feel divided. I like my job pretty much and it is all mingled up and just talking about my private life feels as if I'm hiding something. So in the future there will come some scent stuff.
And from Monday to Thursday night I had the funniest dream I can remember. I dreamt that a tiny little mouse was sitting on top of my nose and sneezed into my nose ...
I woke up and couldn't stop smiling.

When we arrived we rented bikes and cycled to one of our favorite bars. The weather was great so we could sit outside. I like that picture so much because for me it is proving that I'm happy!


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