The gentle invasion of the flower scents

Yesterday it rained a lot. When I cycled uphill in the evening I considered driving with the car, but in the last minute I decided to cycle. It was a warm and soft rain and I had the strong feeling to stand in the rain put my head in the neck, open my mouth and drink the rain. Such a clean smell.
While cycling uphill there are two places where it is more uphill than already. At one of this points a heavy white scent hit me.

I looked forward and saw this immense flower bush. Every year, and then almost every day for quite a time it surprised me. It's a wild white and strong scent. Kind of Jasmine, and when the humidity is high, it is overwhelming. Imagine it: Cycling really strong uphill, it's before 6 o'clock in the morning. Your mind is 'safe and sound' from sleep, almost unconsumed and then you fall in this flower scent ...

In a smaller dimension I had a further attack from another flower this morning.
Alexander and I went to our small village shop to collect our vegetables for the week. Every morning we make ourselves a fresh carrot juice so we buy 5 kg carrots for the week. Besides the squashed carrots is a very welcome horse fodder. It's my task to carry the carrots, Alexander leads the way ... that's how it is and I love it. Carrying our immense amount of vegetables this beautiful flower strokes my face. With my arms full, it was directly in front of my nose.

And ahhhh, what a smell: Like the color there was a decent hint of citrus, you could smell the satiny of the petals and a very soft rose with a light sweetness. And you can see the drop of rain. This clean smell of the rainwater was also there.


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