Just out of bed ... all of us

The braid is from yesterday and looks perfect in my eyes.
I made it yesterday because it was very hot and Mrs. Shoes inspired me: Thank you!

It is short after 6 o'clock and to me his whole body language says: Oh no, jogging so early she must be out of her mind and indeed I am!

Sometimes and so today this tree creeps me. It's kind of talking to me, warning and sheltering all in one feeling. I think it depends on the light.

This is very rare: Pepe as a stallion is kind of incapable of grooming. Here he tries and Point is very patient. Normally it ends because Pepe bites but I interrupt before to save the moment. Point takes revenge and licks Pepe with his tongue all over his muzzles. I always think that it must be total embarrassing for a stallion to be licked like that.


  1. Whaaa? -I- inspired you? That's so sweet, & it's a lovely twist braid you've done here on him. Is Point embarrassed by the licking...? Or is he really loving it & too 'manly' to say so?

  2. Yes you did and I was full of thoughts in your direction while braidind :-)
    No Point is not embarrassed. When I collect them in the evening for going to the meadow he is also licking at me. I always have the feeling that he absorbs me into the herd which I really like at the end of a working day. On the contrary with Moritz it's all about slobber!


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