New adventures with my soul companion

Since several weeks I have the idea to find new trails with Pepe, and when I read in different American Blogs that they put their horses in the trailer and drive to new scenic places I wanted to do this also. I don't really know if this is usual in Germany, I only heard it once from a woman, nor did I see horse trailers on parking places in woods, but anyway great idea.
Pepe is pretty cool in the horse trailer, in fact he is pretty cool with everything, and besides with his size he is pretty handy too.
Also it was the deal with Alexander to reduce stuff, like selling carriages, before beginning a new hobby. So with the first sale of the little carriage we fixed the horse trailer with new wheels and a new TÜV plate. Since years, more than 12 I think I have this horse trailer. It's a single one, and I bought it in Berlin with the same idea, back then I wanted to travel with Point or Moritz, but I never did.
Yesterday I also had my doubts because I have the feeling that I'm unfair to the two big ones. So I started with cleaning the horses and Moritz was flicking his head because of the flies and the light and I instantly decided to leave them at home because when he does this it is horrible with him. He flicks his head in very short movements, but he does this very violently and you either get a hit or a rip on the rope. I tried several things but nothing helped. So going out in the early morning is the best thing for these times. Also Point seemed kind of bored and a little knackered from the warmth.
In the afternoon I discussed several techniques with Alexander: Where to go? Because I'm used to very lonely trails and I was thinking about picking famous ones which are described in books or the internet which is probably not a good idea. Alexander suggested that I should drive to the point where I was furthermost on a horse ride and then go farther. But how to find a parking space with a horse trailer? For the first times I wanted to be kind of safe, knowing how it looks because of avoiding to maneuver with a horse trailer on my back. So I remembered one parking close to a highway and more or less in the woods.
And here we go little irritation from the big ones, which again made me unsure and made me feel unfair.

Found the parking place and started walking. It was not that adventurous as you might think, because I remembered a little bit of the region, but soon I was really in an unfamiliar scene. For my liking I was a little late, so I set a timer on one hour. After this I should know where I 'm and how to find the trailer, or just turn around.

Pepe totally cool, and primarily eating! He was a little nervous in the trailer and when coming out, but as soon as we started walking all was fine for him.

I found a house with a very interesting roof.

And then I found a sign, or lots of signs ...

I decided to follow the sign 'Trail with bathing fun'. Whatever that will mean?
It was a lonely trail as I'm used to, and I enjoyed it a lot. In the beginning we met some cyclist, because we walked on a bikeway, and I found out that either the people are so astonished to see us, that they are short for falling of the bike, or the don't look at us. Maybe they think if I don't see this, than it is not for real.

We passed a flock of sheep's and goats. The keepers where two old men with a dog, I'm sure they thought 'Crazy city girl, walking with a useless mini horse in a mini shirt and shiny walking boots'.

The sheep's and goats were talking to Pepe, but he ignored them all. 
We reached a little village with a map:

It was not helpful, but I thought next time you can park here and start one of the recommended trails. I was proud of myself, because that was how I hoped it may work.
We had to underpass the highway and I was not sure about this, because I had no plan how to come back. My trailer will be on the other side. The sign with the bathing fun still escorted us.

Short after under passing the highway I left the trail with the promising bathing fun, because I was on my way round about an hour. My feet started a little bit hurting, we already walked 3 miles and I don't want to overdo the first time. Normally I like the feeling of getting lost, and I agreed with Alexander, that he would pick me up if necessary. But there is some proud in me of being the perfect adventurer, of course.

I underpasses the highway again, and now it was kind of easy because I had the highway on my left side and was sure where I was going.

The path in the distance, that's where we came from. Nice view!
We had to cross a farm with cows and again Pepe was greeted, but he is just to cool.

From now on I knew my path. My feet hurts and I decided that the walking boots are not the right ones. They are not new, and I don't know but lately I have a lot of trouble with shoes which used to be comfortable.

Pepe was not really happy to go back in the trailer, but he was easily convinced.
Back home there was a lot of greeting and Pepe was showing off. I forgot the camera in the car, too bad. First I tied Pepe on the trailer, because I thought to put him back in the paddock would be too dangerous for the big ones, because he was very temperamentally. I went in the trailer for cleaning and heard him shrieking and then he throws one hoof on the ground again and again. I came out of the trailer with a broom in my hand. And here he was scraping the ground and screaming. I shouted at him and hit him with the broom at his back. He had one last short scream and shakes his head. We have these 'I call them Swabia brooms', they are very soft and you can't hurt anyone with it. Because of heavy using, mine is half the length.

Moritz caught himself a stroke from the electro fence and here it goes my perfect adventure.
I caught the two big ones for going on the meadow and when I came closer to Pepe I said to him, 'Not a word until you are on the meadow with them'. Honestly he ignored the other two and walked tensely at my side. I released them on the meadow, as always sharing one banana and then went quickly away. Point was licking Pepes back and eventually more or less softly biting. Pepe stood tensely and screamed a little. Point went on and on, more and more softly biting. But no fighting, they put the noses together, more or less friendly and stormed the meadow all together as always.
I really wanted to have my camera with me. Next time!
Arriving at home I was full of proud and Alexander celebrated me. I'm happy that my first time went so well and easy. I looking forward for more and the looser of the day are my shiny walking boots!

You know, there are serious walking boots. The brand is 'Art' and I have lots of them. Don't know what is happening to my feet's lately?


  1. Those shepherds were probably liking the mini-skirt...


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