Summarizing a week: Rain Rain Rain, Ride and the sweetest surprise

Monday evening and I remembered the 'welcome the weekend ride on Friday' and was thinking about a 'Monday after work ride'. I was fast with saddling Moritz and up to the woods. But I already heard a silent rumble and was pretty unsure about the weather. 10 min after starting it made 'Pling' and a message arrived. It was the weather alert from my insurance company. Hmmmm, I thought. So the rumbling means thunder ... I was thinking about calling Alexander and asking for advice. On the other hand I was pretty stubborn - I really wanted that short and peaceful ride. But it was a more or less constant grumbling and so I called. He said 'Wait I will go upstairs and look at the clouds I call you back. Meanwhile I decided to make the very short route I can do.

Looked like this. I'm not a weather hero or better I'm really afraid of thunder and lightning and so we went home quickly. Horses were fine, I got a lot of snorting and so I through them at their meadow and made a quick run for home. Arriving just in time! We sat at the porch and the next 'Pling' arrived. Hail and local heavy rain! Ahh, I know what that means. So what to do with my car, the heavy rain already arrived. I collected some carpets and throwed them at the car and than it started ...

So much for a start in the week... The next morning I was curious how the ponies are. Wet beyond everything? Shivering??? Ha, you think! They where so lively, unbelievable. Pepe teased me with some runing. Look for yourself!

On Friday we had an offical holiday and I did a long run in the morning. It started raining in the afternoon but I was not really worried. I don't know why. In the evening I got a kind of flooded by messages from the insurance company about local heavy rain. I did not make the shortcut to flooding our house and I had a quite good night sleep which is kind of seldom. In the morning I checked our basement. We have a pump in a kind of a special hole in the basement groud. Where the groundwater is aloud to raise and the loyal pump was working bravely. Aha! Before cycling uphill I made a detour to the bride and our nice little river Eyach, and look how it looks. In summer time I go for a bath with the ponies in this river!?

Later I meet our municipal administrator and she told me, we were short for calling you last night because of flooding. Sunday night will be critical again. Argh!
Sunday started with less rain. I had not such a good start in the morning and Alexander kind of shooed me out of the house after lunchtime. He said 'Go hidding in the woods with your ponies and come back when it is dark'. What an advice!
So we started and I choose the route along the river Eyach to make some pictures. In the next village the Eyach looked like this and the sound was impressive!

I was riding Point and felt very comfortable. Some drops of rain, but the temperature was so high my clothes dried more or less immediately. And after days of rain it was so GREEN!!!

During the ride Point offered a change of the path. I like that very much. Not that they know where it goes, it seems just to quit the one we already know. And honestly I also was kind of bored about how the choosen route would continue. So I sent an message to Alexander, about Point changing plans - which in hidden means 'I don't know when I will come back', and I got a 'Super, have fun!'

After a while I really had no plan where I was. And I had a very rudimentary feeling abouth the direction. But no thunder ahead, no heavy rain, and still hours of daylight!
I really had no plan, but it looked beautiful.

So we rode along in the direction which I thought we should head and it was a kind of a dead end. It happens a lot in this era, because there are ways where people store their woods and so on. But I really was not in the mood for turning around. AND found a path or something like this.

At a certain Point asked for descending because it was totally slippery. I trust him in that, he does that when it is to steeply uphill or downhill. It really was a kind of a path and after a lot of slipping we arrived at a point where we where an hour or so ago! Great feeling.

Moritz was making me unsure. Is there someone behind us?

We went one, still a few miles ahead before home.

I have my followers :-)
Short after this I thought that changing the horse is a good idea, so that Point can run a few miles of his own and relaxing the muscles. From this point on we where incredible slow. Looking down at my blonde one I remembered when sitting in his saddle the first time and had this huge white mane in front of me.

Wow, still impressive and so different from Point. We would pass at our house and the horses are used for a stop and a snack. So I called and what a sweet surprise was waiting for us, or more for me?

White wine and warm potato salad ... I feel loved and cared for!
Bread and banana for the ponies ...


  1. That luxurious mane makes me want to do some fancy braiding on it, just for fun.
    My Morgan horses have thick, copious manes & tails like this - I always will do a braid down to the end of the tailbone & a running braid on the mane just before a lesson hoping to keep them a little cooler. I sometimes do braids just to practice out in the paddock & then loosen them again before I release them; very occasionally I am called on to braid for someone else's event.
    Alexander is good to you, as he should be & as I believe you must be to him also. :-)


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