Even a Pony can be out of his mind - sometimes

Sunday, and my plan was to be quick in the morning with cleaning the paddock. 'Throwing' the guys on the meadow and than going for a long relaxing walk in the afternoon. But plans are there for changing aren't they?
When I arrived I had an absolutely upset Point. He was running around and stamping. Sometimes this happens and of course there are some guesses what happened, but I will never really know. Because he was running back and forth the whole length of the paddock and at the end he stood completly still and looked and listened to the forest. Maybe the hunter we meet in the afternoon yesterday was hunting while dawn and the shots made him that nervous?

In the picture it looks harmless but if you had touched him you could feel that his whole body was one hard muscle.
While cleaning the paddock the other two were eating their hay with one ear and one eye to their buddy who sometimes losses his mind. The good thing is that they get not infected and try to stay out of trouble because sometimes he starts fights. He also tried to fetch a few mouthful of hay but was not able to stand still. I did the same as the ponies. Kept one eye on him and try to ignore him. While thinking what to do, my one and first medicine for all is 'go out and move', and in similar previous situations I just did that. In my mind I choose a hike where I can let him run free most of the time and there is this one tour which half the way is a small trail with lots of sweeps where he may be can lose his energy.

He could run ahead but was always waiting in a distance of sight. We were the first to make traces. It's one of my favorite hikes.

The weather was very different and in the morning while choosing the shoes and the clothes I was not actually prepared for a two hour hike. We had beautiful sunshine with deep winter blue sky but suddenly there was also a big kind of a snowstorm.

Point behaved better but was not able to relax at all. Sometimes he looked tired and I wondered if it is like us humans, when we had a real emotional outburst, and several hour later feel like a wringed towel. I changed Moritz for running free and put Point on the leash but it was uncomfortable because he often stood still and was listening in the forest. I have to admit I lost a little bit of patience but felt also kind of sorry with him.
At the end of our walk we met a guy. All Ponies were greeting him - means blocking his way. He was kind of brave. He took of his gloves and pet them. Point kind of avoided him, but he always does this when someone tries to touch his head. He told me that he is from our village, and that he is often in the forest. He said 'I never saw you, just your traces'. Ahh, doesn't that sound magical. I like it: No one sees us, just our traces. Great!


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