May I present you a SUNDAY

Today is Sunday. I went for cleaning the pony paddock not that early and was back around 9 o'clock. Alexander was up because the prepared coffee was taken, but I didn't hear anything in the house. That's not so difficult because the house is big.
I decided to clean the plughole in our 'summer kitchen' because it's bugging me since two weeks and I was just in the mood for doing something like that. While half lying under the sink, everybody who did this once know how you are kind of hanging there, I heard Alexander coming down the steps.
He passed the big and open room and didn't see me and was murmuring to him 'She is not here'. I made a sound and he turned around with a typical comment 'Ah, there you are', as if not he has passed me without seeing. I stared at him in a kind of shock and asked 'What happened? How do you look?' Because he was all in his business dress, blackish and greyisch. And then he asked me kind of getting unsure 'It's Monday, isn't it?'
'No my dear it's Sunday'
He even prepared our Lunchbox for taking with us.

I really felt sorry for him, but he was just happy and tells me every time he sees me 'You present me a Sunday!'
On the other hand I was just lucky under my sink, because he started to get angry because again the outdoor girl can't find her way home...


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