Miscellaneous on an ordinary Thursday

Actually it was a pretty normal Thursday, but also a lot of nice and pretty things crossed my way

First our run in the morning. The air was very very cold but we had a beautiful blue sky.

Point is taking healthy snacks and I really like to smell his breath afterwards.

Next stop the boars: are really good gardeners. The whole area was dugged over. I decided I don't want to meet that group!

After realeasing the ponies on their meadow I found this beauty:

Yesterday evening I finished a pair of glitter socks for my man. I was pretty sure he would wear them already and I have to crawl under the table to get a photo, but he told me he will save them for later. You know there is a special thing about socks which are really fresh from the needle. They bring luck. But you can't leave them untouched. He has to use his luck tomorrow. But I did some cleaning and here we go ... This is the perspective of the male sock area. You see, already two with glitter!

I'm a true cheese lover. I'm picky with food, especially when it comes not from home or not made by Alexander, but with cheese it would be difficult to resist. And I or we love chedar cheese, but it is impossible to get good chedar cheese in our place. So Alexander searched the Internet and found a shop called 'British Cheese Emporium'. And from time to time we order some great selections. Today a parcel arrived, and as always my world is round and has no clouds in the sky! Life can be so simple!
I really love Sally's parcel. They are just perfect!

And one cheese was especially for me: The one which is packed in nettle. 
As a pony owner who hast to take care of pony meadows, nettles are a part of my life. Most time I cut them and feed them to the ponys because they are very healthy, and I have fallen in love with the scent of fresh cutted nettle. Yes I like to make a perfume out of this scent ... but so long I got a cheese. It is very soft and absolutly beautiful!

In the past I talked about the Bulkilopi. And today I got a commentary from - I think I got that right - the 'makers' of the wool. Because Alexander sent the link from my post to these nice people from whom we bought the wool. May be that is kind of childish, but that made me very happy. And also I'm longing for more islandic wool. Imagine this Plötulopi?! I want one sweater in every colour first of all in yellow and pink.


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