Made in Iceland - Bulkylopi

I have to confess I'm addicted to knitting: Usually socks, but also sweaters and other stuff.
Knitting in my world is not really sexy, or at least nothing you can show off with. But I knit since I was a little child, and it's getting worse while getting older. I think it's a total harmless obsession. No one gets hurt ...

Also, normally in my world men don't like the knitting of their women. Next confession: I would be very selfish if my man didn't like the knitting. No problem I would knit just for myself. BUT he likes the stuff and is also picky. For socks he likes bold colors and also glitter wool. I will show in the near future.

My absolute favorite wool is Opal. Everything is right with this wool. 'Made in Germany', responsibilty for nature, etc. great colors and the best and most beautiful wool shop in the world.

But Alexander, he is always seeking for new products, surprised me with Islandic wool. He bought it via Internet and at one time there arrived a really big parcel from some place at a very different place of the world.
He discovered Bulkilopi! And there it is, the very first Bukilopi for him:

It's heavy and warm and I was instantly jealous and wanted also one for myself.
For the details: He also ordered the buttons and I added my little signature 'Treuer Lumpen' (Faithful Rag).

Christmas was coming. We don't do this 'present thing' because Christmas for us means just free and silent time, but he was kind of nervous and finally I asked him 'We don't make presents, don't we?'. Ahh, I have something for you. Moaning on my side 'That's not fair' ...
It arrived between the years and I was prepared. The woman from the post arrived with a big parcel. Looked wild. But you have to pay customs. I was alone at home, and as usually I don't have money around, just few coins. I explained her how important this parcel is, and where it is coming from and on and on. She was really kind and suggested that she was going on with her tour but would be ready and back in about 15 min. I jumped in the car and drove to the next village with fortunately has an ATM and I was back just in time.
So there it was: The next Bulkilopi plus other wool. Bulkilopi in blue!

But if you think the Bulkilopi was for me, you are just partly right. The wool was for me to knit him the second Bulkilopi. I really liked that. Where in the world is another man who buys wool for his wife to knit him sweaters!
But strange things happen. I used different needles but the same size of needle. I always write down every number and row of stitch, so I copied the orange Bulkilopi or better I thought I copy. I will not say I wanted to copy because the result maybe shows some hidden agenda from me.
Because this nice blue Bulkilopi just fits me, it's too small for him. Up's!
No I'm not that kind of unfair really, but I had some stress at the beginning of the year, and you can feel that the knitting is much tighter than the orange one. It almost can stand on its own.
Same with the knob and the branding:

It's so great to wear it. I don't need a jacket, I don't want to take it off. And I think I can imagine how Pepe in his big fur feels: Save and sound!
When I wear the sweater again and again, I feel the fingers from Alexander touching the knitting. And he now ordered the next Bulkilopi in very tight knitting from me. I don't think he bear grudges, he always smiles when he sees me in the sweater, and on my side there remains a slightly small guilty conscience. How could this happen, are you really innocent? But there will be more Bulkilopi around, we are now waiting for new colors.
Ah and I almost forgot. When he ordered the blue wool, there was not enough wool at the shop. I needed 10 balls of wool but the shop had just 8. Alexander wanted to cancel the whole order because it was all about the Bulkilopi. Then the shop told him, that they went out to other wool shops and found the 2 missing balls.
What a story for a sweater ...

We also bought a blanket which I just can recomend!


  1. Beautiful sweater - we are happy to see that you are enjoying the Bulky lopi :)


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