I was distracted from myself

After a shitty Friday (not yesterday) an even shittier Monday followed, and as a result I was distracted not by but from myself. Nevertheless I was knitting and here are socks I want to show and stories I want to tell.

Socks! The first is the already announced glitter sock for Alexander.

It's Opal 4-fold.

Then last weekend I finished Opal 8-fold for myself.

And yesterday evening I finished the first one again for Alexander. A black cotton with some extra in red. The color combination is his choice.

I call this socks Moshiki socks or Moshiki style. Moshiki is one of my favorite brands, if not to say, the skirts are my symbol of recognition. I wear one of them every day. My favorites are the ultra-short ones. With leggings, big shoes, knitted socks, and of course the selfmade hoddie shirts.

With the colorful Moshiki and the colorful Opal you can always find a match.

Why Moshiki socks? The waistband, heel and the cap have one color, normally plain color which you can find in the rest of the sock which is multicolored or vice versa.
For me I like to make the upper sock long, because I like to crumble them down. I think all in all I like to look like a friendly and clean clochard. That would fit for my preference of used shirts from Alexander, and my always ruffled look, no matter what I do. Also it would fit to my restlessness, which I try to compensate with walking and running with the ponies.
And here we are back at my favorite topic! PONY
Pepe the clever little guy found some way out of the fence and last weekend I was building a completely new and inner fence. I wanted to do this for two reasons. 1. I try to make it more and more difficult for people to feed my ponies. For no reason a lot of them think they are kind of garbage cans. Old apples, bread etc. Since Moritz had laminitis last Mai/June I'm more than alert to that. And of course the second reason is the laminitis from Moritz. I have to be absolutely sure that they are save in the meadow. For Moritz it will be a smaller part. I will talk about laminitis and the dealing with a laminitis pony a lot in the next months. Dependent from the weather we will be save in March.

During my 'distraction time' I read a post in one of my favourite blogs 'This is Jane Wayne'. They interviewed a woman who started her own business in Berlin. As an answer of the question about doubts and handling doubts she says: 'I guess you just have to find ways to change things you're not happy with and hope for the best!'
I put that sentence to the background of my laptop screen, so that I can read it again and again and again...


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