In my view there is always a Pony head

Friday morning we climbed a little bit to get a greater view and I'm not the only one who was enjoying or observing it.

Few minutes later my view changed and I had three fur bums in front of me. Looks also great!

There was an icy wind and I thought I let Point and Pepe run free. But they were not in the mood of running. Pepe tried to provoke Point but was not succesful.
When I tried to catch them Pepe started to play with me. But that is really unfair above all, the snow was around 30 cm and running after a Minishetty was not exactly what I had in mind.
I got him of course but what do you think, can you see it too the little satisfied smile in the corner of his mouth?

Short time later we came to a snowdrift and there I get my payback. The snow was more than half a meter high and I let him go first. I was not able to make fotos because all in all in was a little bit dangerous for me. So much for payback ...


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