Picking the wrong route

To bring the weekend to a close, I wanted to go for a nice walk with the ponies, but I picked the wrong route.

Nice view, but very noisy. It's the Autobahn.
We had to cross under the bridge. The bridge was under construction for quite a while, and there is lots of trash from the road works above. Big parts of plastic are hanging in the trees, and with all the noise around you, you just feel desperate about mankind.
Again we didn't met anyone by foot but of course a guy in a car. He didn't looked like a hunter or ranger. He was quite fast, but had to stop because we didn't get out of his way. Three ponies and one human can be convincing.

The route has some interesting altitude differences, so there was some climbing needed. I just let me pull uphill from the pony guys, Moritz friendly as ever, made some rests and waited for me. Nice attitude, but he was also kind of gasping for air. Seems he is really getting old ... haha who is talking.

At one point it was like stepping into the light. Some blue sky, but still uphill.

It is very nice to be in the open, but at this time of the year, and also close to sundown, it's simple to cold. It is freezing. I could feel the temperature droping within minutes. You can see the breath of the Ponies in the air and still a few kilometer to go.

All in all, I felt that the more or less constant noise from the highway made me weak. I felt wrung out.
But it was a beautifull weekend with all this knitting, stitching, getting time confused and of course walking ...


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