An extraordinary Saturday

This is the day when Alexander is coming back. The sun is shining brighter than in the last 21 days, the coffee tasted much better than in the last ...
But before running with the Pony's. Last weekend was a horse riding weekend and the effect was, that I can't ignore that this is not the right way to treat Moritz. On Monday Moritz was slightly lame and really tired. I felt very sorry and this has nothing to do with his laminitis, but age. He is just an old guy.
So today I wanted to figure out, if it is possible to run longer routes.

There is a very nice route, is more or less a beaten path directly at the edge of the horizon. It is possible to let Moritz run free for quite a long time and so I can see if he can keep step with us, or not. Besides I also took it a little bit more relaxed. What's good for him, is possibly good for me :-)

Here is the edge and the trail; you can run quite a while on it with this depth beside you. But there is no great view, too many trees.

At the beginning Moritz looked like this:

And I was not quite sure if this was a good idea. In the end he looked like this:

And maybe you don't see the difference but there is quite a lot: open eyes, head up and kind of throwing his hoofs. So what I have to take in mind is that he is easily bored and shows it.
Recently because of my shitty week(s) I thought about it, and how to say in every Pony is quite a bit that is very close to me. So when I'm in miserable situations for me I also feel quite kind of sick. I mean I know all this, and still you can see it at my skin, it gets pale, I feel queer and so on. And I also know that even I'm conscious of it, I can't change it, I just feel and look like miserable. So dear teacher Moritz Thank you for that lesson, and I try to minimize those situations for you and for me!

Now I drove to the airport. Ughh, I was nervous. I arrived in time, the plane had already landed and it took round about 15 min for the baggage. I tried to distract myself with looking at other people's reunion. And saw some strange stories. One mother came out with a small child on a baggage wagon sitting. She had the camera from her phone running and was talking in baby language. But the children was not interested in his father (I think it was the father) he was completely ignoring it all. A young guy was coming out all packed and just in front of me he started to sound like an old garbage can, all rattling and  I almost started to laugh. He put all his luggage down and picked up his phone.
So now I have to confess I'm really bad by saying good bye and also kind of bad by saying hello. I belong to this people who linger in a kind of safe place, somthing in your back or better a corner. I change between blinking back tears and grinding my teeth's to avoid crying. It's a horrible situation, all embarassing. So first I was at the wrong terminal and then I run to the right one. This one was busier, lot busier and no corners. There were small stairs and I climbed on them to have a better overview. The destination board said that the flight was closed and no Alexander. A small hit of panic, but we phoned I knew he was there and then ... I swear I heard a little small crack in my eyes when I saw him first. Like something locked. I kind of wind me to the crowd, very fast and was in his arms when he was still looking after me.
When we left all linked together I saw in the corner in the eye an elder women with a surprised and kind smile looking at us.


  1. So sweetly voiced - how love can overcome us.

  2. Yes, and if you have one take good care about it. It pays!


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