I stole the orange Bulkilopi ...

... or lend it.

Alexander is already more than two weeks abroad and honestly I'm kind of getting desperate.
I only know this from my Pony's when I'm abroad, after a time I get a kind of obsession to touch fur.

So although we talk every day I'm so used to much more talking, laughing, touching and cuddling that I feel out of balance.
This morning after finding my usual armor there was this quick thought about the orange Bulkilopi that would fit perfectly from the color. Some pieces of cloth from him already find the way in my room but I will only bring them back when I see him in the house.
Today my armor is perfect: Art Boots, Opal Socks, Moshiki skirt, Bulkilopi sweater and of course the knitted hood!
Armored like this I will survive this day and already checking in thought Alexander's wardrobe for the next 3 pieces to survive.


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