Laminitis - for 2015 the sensible time just begun

I thought we would have the March as the last relaxed month, before the sensitive time for the laminitis pony began, but I was wrong. Cold nights, and very sunny days. The grass started growing like there is no tomorrow.
And also my most loved and hated herb, the stinging nettle says hello in every corner.

Sometimes I think I can hear them grow. These very faint sizzle, that is all around you when the first sunbeams in the morning hit the ground.
Back to laminitis. This morning Moritz front hoofs were surprisingly warm. I compared them to the hoofs of the other two and it was a remarkable difference. Stop and think! What's now? I decided to take a walk and look how he walks. But there was no sensitive walking, just normal stamping around like he always do. During the walk I rolled the possibilities and resolutions around in my head. Should I be strict? That would mean, no meadow. Should I go on like nothing happened? The part of the meadow where they were right now has really not much green. They are one this part since January, because I wanted to think long-term. And the thought was to let them in this part as long as possible, until I have to make the parts smaller or divide them in separate groups. After our walk I felt again the hoofs, and they were cooler. So I brought them on the meadow, and I will double check in the evening and tomorrow morning.
Next surprise was Point. He had something at the right side of his head. Pink flesh without hairs, pretty big size. First I thought about fighting with Pepe, but these marks usually look different, and normally there is some blood. After looking at it again and again I remembered last year, must be around the same time of the year, he had some marks like this over the whole body. I called the vet and he took a probe, but they couldn't find anything. He is not scratching or seems to feel uncomfortable at all, just looking a little shabby. I searched his body for more marks, but couldn't find any. But I think it's the same, maybe he is eating something and reacts allergic?
From my point of view this was enough pony related trouble for one single morning. But sometimes it is like it is; it never comes to a right time, because there is never a right time for things like that. I'm happy and pleased with myself because I noticed it, that's the first step. The next, thinking and solutions, will follow. By the way the little stallion started to be more difficult in the handling. Lots of fighting and squeaking. So every one has my attention!


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