Boooom ... Springtime

The weekend was warm around 15 degree Celsius and the nature seems to explode.
My worries about the laminitis of Moritz and what will happens kind of explodes too. I promised Alexander not to be hysterical, but observing! I try!

Yesterday I went for a walk with them but I couldn't really enjoy. Every one of them was trying to catch every single grass stalk and they draged me in every direction. At the end even my knees where kind of twisted and I was totally tired. That's when I decided to horse-ride again.
I did today and we made our 8 km, and I'm not tired, my feets are not hurting and we did a lot of running. Looked and felt ok and funny from my point of view. So that's the new plan: Running during the week and horse-riding at the weekend... I like plans, and more I like to throw over plans. So I make a lot of plans therewith I can throw over them!

When I reached the horse place and opened the gate I found this ...

Amazing isn't it?


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