Realizings at day break

This morning I felt like an old horse and decided that it would be better to walk up the hill to lose the stiffness. I arrived at the horses before 6 o'clock and our new arrangement is that they come to the upper meadow as long as I clean the paddock.
When Moritz turned I saw that he too was stiff in his right hind leg and moved like 'old Sabine'.

The other two were galloping ahead and my old man was trotting behind them. Not unhappy but very calm.
When I bought him by a dubious horse dealer he told me that his age was 6 or 7. So he should be now 17 or 18. Point is 21. And since a few years I have the suspicion that he is some years older than Point. Few years ago I asked the Vet and he said, no he is around like the white one. But it's odd that the teeth are so short.
After looking for some hints quite a while I think he is now around 25. And accidentally I found an article yesterday at Equisearch where they said a horse at around 25 is like a human between 70 and 90. With this knowledge or more with this awareness I can take care of him much better ...


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