Saying goodbye to a remarkably shitty week

Friday evening and I made it home thanks to him ...

... Maybe it's odd to describe the ride like this:
I felt carried. He was very careful, in terms of a horse ride; he was tense, head all up and ears straight to the front. Sometimes one ear turned to the inside, just checking. I sat behind the steering wheel eyes straight forward not thinking about the past days and noticed that I lost my smile. The whole day my face was like frozen, I avoided people, just hiding in the office doing my stuff, keeping by myself. One more moral pressure or emotional stress and I lost the belief that I surrounded by reasonable people.

Very kindly my music equipment in my car decided to accept the iPhone again and I was listening to 'Bat for Lashes'. Great music, great song texts, for quite a while my absolute favorites.

So we came to 'Sleeping alone'

I turned the volume up and let the rhythm of the drums take me away. I already started kind of healing.
And I thought - of course - of you.
I miss you ...


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