Can we go home now ... about homesickness

Alexander is on a business trip and yesterday he sent me this picture. It took a while, but during my ride this morning it really hit me. I want to grab my four guys and leave. Leave a sort of beautiful place and an apparently friendly region. I want to be home, and home is Berlin.
We were once flooded and several times almost flooded. Point and I have Borreliosis, Moritz laminitis ... for what else are we waiting?
I know I'm unfair, and this picture you can see from a special ankle, but I'm not able to look with a multiview. When I have this ankle, I can't see anything else. And my homesickness makes me heartlessly, breathlessly and unsubstantial.

I promised myself that when our time here is over and we allow ourselves to leave, than 'The friendly hairy creatures' and I will walk home to Berlin, even when it will take weeks. Doesn't matter! Until then: We dream and stay fit and healthy - besides mad diseases - and every time we start a ride in our thoughts we start our journey home ...

Ready for taking off!


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