To go for a ride and confession of one quirk

Remember last weekend I made a plan. During the week jogging, on weekends horseback riding.
So that's what I did this morning. I was in the saddle, or what I call saddle at 9.00 o'clock. It was cold and we had a dull sky, but I it reminded me on a summer day very early. When you could divine that the sun will come out, and it will get very warm. I divined totally wrong, the day stayed cold :-)

One of my favorite's points of view is ...

... this point of view. Moritz is behind us, usually always!
We did a lot of galoping, and in the cold air my eyes were tearing from the speed. Quite a time we were ahead of a tractor, but finally we stepped aside and let him pass. One it was very stinky in this fresh cold air, two: I use to life here for nearly 9 years. And there is one phenomena, I can't get used to. The staring of most of men. No, not because I'm a woman, they stare at all. For example you stand in front of your house talking to a guy. A car passes and he stares into the car. It looks so stupid, I can't tell. So this guy on his stinky tractor wrecking my fresh air STARES! I greeted, nothing back just starring. Sometimes that can make me really aggressive, but not this morning.
We passed a ruin, which you can only see in winter; otherwise it is hidden between the trees.

I never climbed up, I don't know why, but I never wanted too.

And then, maybe after all I was a little bit disturbed about this starring topic and my wish to have a big mirror to hold up ... I reached this.

And I wondered: If I have come from the other side and would pass, do I or we get burned? Yeah you know, just felt as if I'm in a kind of SiFi and have to do the right things. The one ear I get from Point maybe says: Calm down or maybe he worried too?
In the end we were all satisfied, Pepe was yawning, Moritz walked casual and looked kind of cool.

To come to an end I want to show you one of my quirks.

I always have to make a heart out of sweet vinegar on my food. More or less always ...


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